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Natural Induction of Labour

If your pregnancy is overdue and you are tired of being pregnant...
 "Imagine Having Your Little Baby In Your Arms Within 48 Hours From Now!"
Here's How a Proven Quick And Easy Method Induces Labor Naturally in a Safe Way...

May 30, 2011
From: Dr. Lena Leino

Dear Friend,

Like many other pregnant mothers who have reached the advanced stages of pregnancy, you might feel tired of being pregnant and want to FINALLY see your baby.

You might have serious difficulties in sleeping and feel daylong fatigue.

Or you might be afraid that you end up using precious days of your maternity leave - without your baby.

Your doctor may begin to talk about labor induction in a hospital because of your gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or because he is afraid that your baby is either too small or too big.

Or, after announcing that your baby could be born "On any day now", he tells you to wait patiently!

If you are planning a VBAC, you may face a situation when it’s either natural onset of labor or a Cesarean section – again.

All that could make you feel irritated and frustrated - perhaps stressed and depressed.

That is why this might be the most important information about the natural ways to induce labor called Maternity Acupressure you ever read…

...because pressing specific acupressure points for labor along your skin could start your labor in a safe and natural way in 48 hours!

Modern Research Proves That
There Is a Safe And
Effective Way to Naturally Induce Labor!
 It has been proven by several independent studies that acupressure helps you avoid medical labor induction and brings on your labor naturally.

Acupressure points for inducing labor help the cervix dilate, speed up slow early labor, help your baby to descend, and stimulate labor contractions.

Most importantly, you can use maternity acupressure points when your cervix has not yet dilated. Indeed, maternity acupressure points help your cervix to dilate and bring on your labor!

Furthermore, Maternity Acupressure relieves other issues that delay labor, such as anxiousness, tension and fears.

Michele May 2011

I am a community midwife in England and have a large number of women that wish to have there baby at home.  Alot don't get that chance, as there labours don't start spontaneously and they have to be induced, which is very disappointing for them. 
Their are many different forms of natural induction of labour offered to women including:
  • Going for a long walk
  • Eating a hot curry
  • Eating a whole fresh pineapple
  • Sex
  • Raspberry leaf tea
I am sure you have heard of more but do they really work?  Women are always asking me how to induce there labour naturally. After reading the reviews on Dr. Lena Leino's website I am eager to try her acupressure methods for my pregnant mothers, below are some of those reviews.

Customer Reviews

Just to let you know, I went into labor that same night after purchasing your book and practicing the 6 various pressure points on my body.
I started the process late morning on that Friday and then went into labor that night at about 1:30 am.
Thank you so much - I was doubtful that acupressure would really work, but now I have a healthy 2 week old baby
without being induced.
Thanks again,

What is wonderful, is that this method does NOT over stimulate your body or distress your baby, because it just helps your body work better, in an optimal way!
My first labor was induced and I didn’t want it for the second time. That’s why I used Labor Acupressure to dilate and encourage contractions.
I used many points you referenced, but the main one that was a miracle worker in my labor was the pain pressure point in the ball of the foot!
First I labored in my own home. By the time I got to the hospital I was 8 cm and went the whole way medication free thanks to your book!
I got my wonderful son in my arms in less than 2 hours drug free!
Cari Kincannon, USA

Maternity Acupressure Method Helps You To
Induce Labor Naturally
Without Risking Your Baby’s Health

Acupressure has been actively used by millions of people for almost four thousand years. This ancient technique has also been studied in depth by Western institutions for several decades.
It has been proven to be safe by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), among other reputed research institutions.
An increasing number of pregnant mothers and pregnancy care professionals use acupressure today. Had this technique caused any distress for the mother or the baby, labor acupressure would have disappeared long ago.
On the contrary, it has been shown that acupressure prevents the baby from becoming distressed, because it makes labor easier and shorter and helps to avoid medical interventions.

Maternity Acupressure is safe for mother and baby.
Yes, And Maternity Acupressure Points

The Maternity Acupressure method is currently getting more and more popular among pregnant women, doulas, midwives and doctors right now. Not only can acupressure help you to start labor naturally, but it can also dramatically improve your birthing experience - simply and naturally.
Simply pressing specific points on your body can quickly help you to go into labor naturally.
Scientific evidence proves that natural labor induction with acupressure is and effective. Stimulation of specific acupressure points induces labor in upto 83% of women within 48 hours, sometimes in 25 minutes.
Acupressure triggers your labor by stimulating contractions, helping your cervix to dilate and getting your baby to descend.
Research shows that labor acupressure significantly shortens the delivery time. Women who use labor acupressure have a delivery time two hour shorter than on average.
Simple labor acupressure techniques give effective labor pain relief, without any risk of stopping your contractions.
No Previous Experience?
Absolutely Not Necessary!

Acupressure is a very simple hands-on technique. Because it is merely about putting pressure on the relevant body points, and nothing more, you don’t need any experience or specific aptitude in order to treat acupressure points effectively.
With basic instructions you will be able to locate the labor acupressure points. The technique involves merely applying firm pressure on the acupressure point for a moment.
If you can PRESS A SPOT on your skin with your thumb, you can do acupressure too.
You can treat the acupressure points on your own. Or your partner or another support person could massage the acupressure points for you.

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